My writing desk

Over the past 15 years, as an author, a copywriter and content creator, I have produced columns, speeches, slogans, brochures, advertising copy, advertorial, reporting, and children’s stories and designed web pages, taking charge of web copy.

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A lifelong love of writing

My favorite childhood memory is of spending rainy days curled up beneath a thick woolly blanket with the biggest book I could get my hands on. Books were my favorite toy. On weekends, I would devour several page-turners, and my favorite place at school was the library. Yes, I was a real bookworm.

When the young adult author Federica de Cesco visited my class one day, I realized that I, too, wished to become a teenage author. My Dad even passed on his Hermes Baby typewriter, jealously guarded from kids’ hands, so I could make my dream a reality. I never made it beyond a couple of chapters.

Writing a book – my lifelong dream

It’s still my lifelong dream to write a book. Why haven’t I begun that chapter yet? Because I’m worried I won’t meet (my own) high standards and that I’ll lose my dream of a lifetime in the end. But I’m confident that I’ll give it a go when the time and the story are right.

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