Your story

Everyone has their own story. Taking the time and effort to have a conversation can lead you to discover thrilling, extraordinary, moving, and unique life stories.

I love listening to people. Asking them questions. Finding out more.

It’s a real shame that so few people get the opportunity to tell their stories. Whether it’s because the grandkids aren’t interested (yet), or there just isn’t enough time for someone to sit down and listen to them.

It’s not just a shame. In my opinion, it’s a huge loss in terms of knowledge, too.

About life, about the past, about our world.

Would you like to immortalize your own story?

I offer the following options for presenting and writing your story, and recording it professionally:

  • A 30-minute “TV interview”
  • A 30-minute “radio interview”
  • A print “newspaper interview” illustrated with photographs from your life

to send me an email.

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