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My name is Anna Maier.

My name is Anna Maier. I’m 42. So called “TV and radio star”. So far, so glossy. Let’s start again from the beginning, then, shall we?

My name is Anna Maier. I’m 42. I can be a bit contrary in the way I think, feel, and act. But I’ve got a warm heart. I love my family with my three children and our Goldendoodle.

Sometimes you have to let go…

Our time out in Mallorca changed a few things, not least myself. It was a case of working out where I was at and what I wanted from my life. For 20 years, I’ve been on the move as a journalist, a presenter, an editor, a video journalist, a producer, an author, and a copywriter. And now?

…to blossom…

I firmly believe that we are all constantly undergoing a process of transformation and that we have to move on along with the rest of the world. Right now, a lot is changing, and that goes for the media industry, too. I’m basically convinced I’m in the right profession.

Journalism encompasses a lot of what I’m looking for from a career. Newspapers, radio, and TV can’t shut out what’s happening online, and nor should they. People are still consuming them, they’re just consuming them somewhere else, whether we “traditional journalists” like it or not.

…and to develop.

I wanted to be properly equipped to face new challenges, which is why I was studying New Media Journalism at the Leipzig School of Media. This course is aimed at journalists who have an urge to also publish digital content and want to take the leap into the digital future alongside editorial departments.

And what else?

I’m busy, creative, curious, spontaneous, and a keen traveler. I love to curl up with a book and disappear into my own little world from time to time, so I can recharge my batteries for those heated debates with friends over a nice meal.

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